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Second Egypt-US Workshop and Training Course
Use of Light Steel Framing in Residential Buildings

The Egyptian Society of Steel Structures (ESSS) and the US Cold Formed Steel Research Consortium (CFSRC) are organizing a one-day workshop and a two-day training course on the use of light steel framing in residential buildings. The two events are sponsored by The workshop and training course shall take place in the Cairo University Presidential Hall.

The one-day workshop is intended to present cold formed steel construction to stakeholders involved in the building construction industries, planners, developers, architects, civil engineers, and project managers. The workshop will cover the essential knowledge of CFS residential buildings. The contents include recent advances in design and construction of CFS buildings, innovative solutions for walls and floors, fire, acoustic and vibration behavior, and fabrication and erection considerations.

The two-day training course is intended to bring comprehensive education and training to structural engineers and steel construction companies who are looking to expand their work scope to include cold formed steel buildings. The course contents cover all aspect of cold formed steel design such as structural systems and loads, elastic buckling analysis using Prof Schafer's internationally recognized software package CUFSM, CFS design using the Direct Strength Method, and lateral load design. In addition to lecture presentations, the course instructors shall interact with the attendees in group exercises using real-life case studies. These include the CFS-NEES building constructed at University of Bufalo, USA, and the Digital Library building constructed at the Faculty of Engineering of Cairo University as the first cold formed steel building in Egypt. Each participant shall receive copies of relevant design resources, copies of the presentations, and a certificate of attendance.

An industrial exhibition shall also be organized for building construction companies to show their related products.


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